Islamic Marriage: The Nikah Ceremony

A traditional Islamic marriage is quite simple and free of extravagance. There is no concept of Mehndi or singing or dancing in a proper Islamic marriage. The most important thing in an Islamic marriage is the Nikah ceremony and the Valima which follows it. Both the events are carried out in the simplest of manners. While most Muslims spend [...]

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Christmas Decorating Ideas

There are few days left before Christmas. Everyone is excited for the coming holiday. The Children are thinking of opening their presents from Santa Claus. Some are excited to spend their vacation with their family. For others they need to stay at work during the holiday. This is the time to create Christmas Decorations. Why [...]

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New Year Gift Ideas

You might have already started planning to welcome the New Year but have you planned what type of gifts would you buy for your loved ones? Well, it is important to make sure to get hold of the perfect one hat would make the other person smile and feel special at the same time. You [...]

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Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas Tree Candle – You can do this with an existing candle. Take a conical shaped candle, preferably a light coloured candle. Carve out designs on the body of the candle and then paint with acrylic colours and decorate with glitter. You can take cute decorations, fix them on a pin and insert the pins [...]

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Last Minute Holidays for Christmas and New Year

There is hardly a month for Christmas and if you are someone who has not planned any vacation with your family, then you are somewhat late. But to be on a positive side, it is best for you to plan your holidays now. Now there can be a lot of different last minute holiday options [...]

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New Year Party Games Lose your sticker – Each guest is given a sheet of 10 party stickers. Throughout the course of the party, the guests have to stick the stickers on to other people, without them noticing it. In case someone catches you putting a sticker on them, they can get back at you [...]

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best holiday destinations for christmas

Are you looking forward to an exciting Christmas holiday? This is a season of gift giving, get together and happy times, made even more exciting by the long Christmas holiday break. If you are planning to celebrate the long holiday in another place, to get away from the onerous task of preparing a Christmas celebration [...]

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